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I was born in Tel Aviv.

During my childhood, we called the empty lots between our houses “fields”. There was nature , there was freedom, there was magic. Later the poets, painters, and writers arrived; I was enchanted by this freedom, willingly captivated.

When I became secular, I ‘left questioning’ on a philosophical and historical journey through the entangled layers of culture that made up this place called ‘The Middle East’. From ancient Egypt to early Mesopotamia, Greece to the land of Israel; layers of culture and art, languages existing in influence inside of one another, wars, desires, love, destruction, religious envy, and the look of the land.

I studied psychology at Bar Ilan University, studio art at the Beit Berl Institute (HaMidrasha), photography at Camera Obscura, and poetry at the Halichon workshops.

Nowadays I work from my studio in south Tel-Aviv, letting myself be influenced by all of the urban developments taking place underneath my doorsteps, all the transitions and processes happening to people inside this entanglement we call city.

These moments I use as raw materials for thought and action – painting on canvas and paper in mixed media, installation pieces made out of cement and pieces of text…

The parts that are unseen, tucked and invisible inside the layers of my artworks, create an enigmatic atmosphere, existing like a riddle left unanswered.