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Artist statement

About my work

As a multidisciplinary artist, who creates in Tel-Aviv, the environment is reflected in my work. When I walk down the street, I see
images in motion, body movements,  the angle of the heads looking merely up or down. People in a "City-Forest" (as I name it), shrouded in the space around them, isolated in the crowd of masses. Urban changes, high buildings pop up everywhere. Cranes work and creak days and nights, like enormous Zoomorphyc creatures.

In my work, human beings sometime also have animalistic features. The "City-Forest" is made of  remnants, layers of human memories, steps and trail of life,  people appearing and disappearing in an illusive, slippery moment between daylight and darkness, between the  visible and the hidden, latent and veiled.

Both oil and acrylic drawings on canvas or the mixed media works on paper, with different ways of laying colors, combining prints, sand and ink, the iron sculptures or the concrete installations, are taken from the same world of images, myths, the subconscious, mystical visions and dreams, which are integrated in our everyday life.