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Ordine Novo 2018-2019


A new on going group of works, a different visual language

Concepts that contradict the right and the familiar

Ordine Novo', Mixed techniqe on canvas, 120X90 cm'


Mala Avis', Mixed tecniqe on canvas, 2 x 80X80 cm'


Untitled', Mixed techniqe on canvas, 70X50 cm'


‘Untitld gold and black’, Mixed technique on canvas, 110X90 cm, 2018



 Mixed techniqe on linen, 120X90 cm



Yes and No', Acrylic on canvas, 120X90 cm'




Untitled', Mixed techniqe on cardboard'

‘Untitled’, Mixed technique on canvas, 80X60 cm, 2018


A figure disappears